Voices of the Shutdown: Tessa Boersma

Apr 28, 2020

We talk to industry professionals about their experiences during the covid shutdown, how they have adapted to the new restrictions and their thoughts on the future of the hospitality industry.

Now in her second round as a Masterchef contestant, Tessa Boersma spoke to Fine Food Australia about how she has been spending her time in isolation, her go to quarantine foods and her take on what the future of the industry may look like post-covid.

How have the restrictions impacted you?

I have been quite lucky and haven’t been impacted as much as other people. Although in saying that, the entire food industry has taken a huge hit. It will take a long time for us all to recover from this and I imagine some smaller businesses won’t be able to get back on track. Technology has helped a lot with being able to communicate with loved ones and of course being able to go outside for daily exercise makes things easier as well.

What’s keeping you sane during this time?

Lots of cooking (and eating…) and of course TV (at the moment I am loving Schitts Creek)

What is your go-to quarantine food and drink?

Food – anything baked or curries. Drink – cocktails for sure!

What do you think the hospitality industry will look like post COVID19?

The rate at which the hospitality industry is going to be able to build back up relies a lot upon customers continuing to support their local eateries throughout COVID-19. Including buying takeaway/delivery (direct – not through third parties), buying gift cards and donations. If we can’t support our local cafes and restaurants during this time I’m doubtful that most of these businesses will be able to pick back up.

Any online cooking classes/websites/social media we should be looking at right now?

Lots of chefs are doing their own cooking videos online through various social media platforms so I encourage everyone to get searching on their favourite chef/restaurant to see what their latest videos are.

Tessa Boersma

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