27-29 Oct 2020

Industry Updates

Voices of the Shutdown: Three Mills Bakery

We talk to the team at Three Mills Bakery about their experiences during the covid shutdown, how they have adapted to the new restrictions and their thoughts on the future of the hospitality industry.

Voice of the Shutdown: Kirsten Tibballs

Apr 30, 2020 Industry Updates

We talk to industry professionals about their experiences during the covid shutdown, how they have adapted to the new restrictions and their thoughts on the future of hospitality.

Lessons from adversity: business and coming back from the brink

Apr 22, 2020 Industry Updates

How three business owners handled existential threats in the past and what it taught them about dealing with the current threat.

Inventive ways to help your hospitality business overcome the COVID-19 reality

Mar 31, 2020 Industry Updates

Hospitality businesses are finding creative ways to survive – and even thrive – during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why the Culture-Cuisine Connection Keeps Customers Coming Back

Dec 17, 2018 Industry Updates

Australian consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining, and food continues to become more creative, with something new popping up daily. However, a growing trend has seen customers showing a deeper desire to understand a cuisine’s roots. Culture and cuisine are an inseparable couple, and foodservice providers can capitalise on this to […]

Consumers’ Taste for Sustainability No Passing Fad

Oct 7, 2018 Industry Updates

Sustainability is a hot topic, with global market research firm Mintel naming it as one of the top trends for the foodservice industry in 2019. But what is sustainability, and what does it mean for businesses? Consumers’ growing taste for sustainability reflects seismic shifts in consumer spending. In 2018, Millennials became the generation with the […]

NAFES CFSP Accreditation Course SOLD OUT in 2017 and 2018

Aug 28, 2018 Industry Updates

With the Certified Food Service Professional (CFSP) program being a sell out in both 2017 and 2018, National Association of Food Equipment Suppliers (NAFES) is now helping the program expand in global reach.

Industry Giants Team up to Save Produce

Jul 30, 2018 Industry Updates

Written by Foodservice Magazine. Food services, catering and facilities management company, Sodexo Australia, and food wholesale platform, Yume, have announced a new partnership aimed at saving tonnes of quality, surplus food. Fueled by Sodexo’s ‘Better Tomorrow 2025’ corporate responsibility commitment, the initiative will see food and produce bought through Yume and used at Sodexo sites […]

Let’s talk Melbourne food trends

Jan 25, 2018 Industry Updates

Often regarded as Australia’s gourmet capital, Melbourne’s food scene is packed with outstanding talent. Chefs, growers, sellers and innovative foodservice owners create a diverse and sophisticated culture, which sets the tone around the country. Fine Food Australia is heading back to Melbourne in 2018, and to kick it all off, we’re sharing our top five […]

The Rise of Consumer Demand for Natural and Organic

Jul 5, 2017 Industry Updates

Consumer demand for natural foods only continues to grow, with Australia’s organic industry currently worth $919 million with predictions it could be worth $1.2 billion by 2022*. Hundreds of new products in the health / natural space debut each in an attempt not only sate the appetite of hungry, health conscious foodies, but to capitalise on it.

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