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Does the Social Media Hype Sell in Hospitality?

Social Media has flooded the internet in recent years. It’s easy to become cynical of the impact that hundreds of thousands of posts can have on the everyday consumer. The sifting through a plethora of pictures, videos, memes, links, and blog posts can make the hype of social media seem overrated but it most certainly […]

Peru: The World’s Superfood Pantry

There are two key trends that are driving the increasing role that Peruvian food & beverages will play in Australian lives going forward.  Firstly, it has become increasingly apparent that diet is inextricably linked to human health, wellbeing, productivity & longevity. Secondly, in a globalised food and beverage landscape, importers, wholesalers, retailers & consumers have easier access to the global […]

How to save money for your business using online POS systems

The customer is always right. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before. Whatever your stance on the statement, in the hospitality business virtually every aspect of your business is a touchpoint for the end consumer. Customer satisfaction is key in building loyalty, and patrons will vote with their wallets. In 2018, those wallets […]

Inside Look : Melissa Leong

Hello Foodservice had a chat to food writer, cookbook editor and television presenter Melissa Leong about her thoughts on the current state of the foodservice industry, and more particularly, the role of women within it. Melissa will be participating in this year’s Women in Foodservice Charity Event at Fine Food Australia as part of the […]

Women in Foodservice

The foodservice industry in Australia boasts some of the most innovative and forward-thinking female chefs, cooks, writers and purveyors to be found anywhere in the world. This year, Fine Food Australia’s 4th annual Women in Foodservice Charity Event will host a discussion featuring several influential females in food-related careers. We asked three of the panel […]

Young Chefs Turn up the Heat in National Award

Australia’s longest running and most credible culinary competition for young chefs is well and truly back on the radar, with the 2018 Nestlé GOLDEN CHEF’S HAT AWARD regional cook-offs underway across the country. To date, six two-chef teams have proved they can definitely stand the heat, having their cooking skills recognised in culinary institutions right […]

Modular Farms launches first permanent location in Brisbane

Written by Foodservice Magazine. Leading, vertical hydroponic farm, Modular Farms Co, has today unveiled its uniquely, engineered units on Brisbane’s Eat Street Northshore. Built within insulated, composite-steel containers, Modular Farms allow restaurants and catering businesses as well as outdoor markets, educational facilities, farmers, agriculturists, and researchers to grow fresh, healthy produce no matter the weather, […]

Artifical intelligence technology to launch at NZ supermarket chain Foodstuffs

Written by Foodservice Magazine.   New Zealand retailer, Foodstuffs, is unveiling world-first, artificial intelligence technology that brings the checkout to the shopping trolley. Auckland-based artificial intelligence company IMAGR are behind the SMARTCART technology, which launches today at a Four Square store in Ellerslie (Auckland). SMARTCART is designed to give consumers more streamlined methods and checkout-less […]

CSIRO develops apples that don’t go brown

Written by Foodservice Magazine. The CSIRO has today announced that a unique type of apple that they helped developed will go on sale at select US supermarkets. Arctic Golden apple, developed in conjunction with Canadian biotech company, Okanagan Specialty Fruits Inc. (OSF), does not turn brown when cut, bitten or bruised. OSF is the first […]

Food Waste: A Nuisance or a Business Opportunity?

This article first appeared in Naturally Good Expo, part of Diversified’s food network.  At the end of the day, every retailer and food business has left over food waste that they need to deal with. And all of this requires some big money to do so. In some cases, however, it can actually be a business […]

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