6-9 Sep 2021

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Sugar tax a sweet deal for Aussie health

With a sugar tax on the cards for the UK in 2018, pressure is on for the Australian Government to take similar steps. So what can food and beverage businesses expect?

Let’s talk Melbourne food trends

Jan 25, 2018 Industry Updates

Often regarded as Australia’s gourmet capital, Melbourne’s food scene is packed with outstanding talent. Chefs, growers, sellers and innovative foodservice owners create a diverse and sophisticated culture, which sets the tone around the country. Fine Food Australia is heading back to Melbourne in 2018, and to kick it all off, we’re sharing our top five […]

How to offer diet-friendly festive menus which appeal to difficult customers

The festive season is arguably the busiest time of the year for most foodservice businesses. Menus have to be carefully orchestrated to ensure kitchen staff aren’t stretched beyond capacity, and customers who seek menu items suitable for food allergies and special diets are on the rise. Managing these special requests, while maintaining high service standards […]

Cha-ching: The season to cash in

With increased activity in the seafood sector, and a rising demand as Christmas rolls around, it’s important to know how the average business or retailer can take advantage of it all. A good way to get started is to observe how local players are getting ahead of the game. For instance, to combat the peak […]

The Aussie Seafood Christmas – and how it’s changing

Christmas in Australia is the polar opposite of a White Christmas—we know it to be scorching hot, often with the BBQ fired up and drinks chilling in the Esky. And commonly on the menu is seafood—a classic that’s now seeing many Aussies enjoying more non-traditional fish varieties than ever before. With the prominent rise of […]

The War on Waste

The hospitality and foodservice industry has seen an intersection between health and wellness and sustainability, with a large shift towards buying locally and focusing on issues such as industrial waste. The buzz among the industry is largely related to the federal government’s recent announcement to cut food waste by 50% by 2050 with their national […]

Food for the Mind, Body and Soul

Twenty-first century living means the consumption of food has moved from being a necessity, to today where we eat largely for the experience – the entire experience.

Fare Play

Health and wellness is a phrase that’s become ubiquitous, especially when it comes to conversations around dietary needs, catering restrictions and food trends. While some dietary requirements appear to be driven by fads rather than genuine health concerns, the consumer shift to healthier eating is happening on a large scale around the country and the […]

Kuvings CS600 Chef Commercial Cold Press Juicer

The creators of the world’s first, commercial ready cold press, on demand solution slow whole juicer. Kuvings Commercial Cold Press Juicer is an on demand juicing solution. Delivering higher nutrition, rich colour and taste and greater yield. Suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and juice bars. The stainless steel gearbox and powerful motor will juice […]

Social Media: The (Not So) Secret Weapon of Successful Hospitality Businesses

Ryan Shelley, Managing Director of Pepper IT, knows a thing or two about social media. For the last few years, he has been especially prolific in providing real social media solutions to businesses across Australia – many of which are in the hospitality industry. In fact, Ryan believes that the very nature of hospitality makes […]

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