Some of many exciting speakers to come at Fine Food Australia

Aug 16, 2023

The nation’s most learned thought leaders will take to the stage at this year’s Fine Food Australia event delivering key insights into the hottest trends and topics driving the food industry. 

The show, which takes place over two levels at Sydney’s ICC from 11-14 September, will feature more than 100 speakers presenting across four stages. There will also be four co-locating industry events, four industry competitions, and more than 850 Australian and international exhibitors showcasing the latest products, technology and services in areas of foodservice, hospitality, catering, bakery, retail, import, export, distribution, manufacturing and more.    

One of this year’s speakers will be food expert and TV chef, Adam Moore, from food consultancy Culinary Revolutions. Mr Moore will be part of the new Concept to Consumer workshop on September 13 at The Source Kitchen, for those interested in innovating and creating their own food brand. An ongoing theme in Mr Moore’s presentations which includes – Innovation through the lens of a culinarian – on the Talking Trends Stage powered by Food Industry Foresight, will touch on how the restaurant industry can remain profitable throughout the rising cost of living.  

“It’s helpful for companies under cost pressures to visit Fine Food Australia to get more insight into the types of innovations, new kitchen equipment and menu innovations to reduce costs,” he said. “Visitors get open access to talk to manufacturers, suppliers and producers who can offer solutions which is invaluable.” 

“One exhibitor this year, Unox, has the Evereo – the first ever hot fridge which preserves cooked food at service temperature for days. There will also be chefs demonstrating how to utilise ingredients to minimise food wastage. When businesses can save money by working smarter they can then keep afloat and also lower costs to consumers.” 

Another Talking Trends speaker, Tony Green from the Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body, who will be presenting the topic Advocating for change – empowering the future of foodservice, said businesses had been forced to become more innovative post-COVID with things like innovative ordering with QR codes and other technology. “One big trend that we’ve seen is that a lot of menus are getting smaller – chefs are doing fewer dishes with fewer ingredients and doing them well,” he said. “Things like this help to keep costs affordable for customers.” 

Former Pittwater RSL Executive Chef John McFadden from consultancy Squizify will also be sharing his story in How to be a world champion chef. In May Mr McFadden was crowned overall 2023 World Food Championships winner in Arkansas. Last November he began his remarkable run when he was crowned World’s Best Seafood Chef at the championships.  

“There’s a lot of talk about how the food industry needs to evolve,” he said. “I think it also needs to grow with more young people understanding that there are other really creative pathways in food other than cooking. Attracting more talent to other parts of the industry will really start to create exciting concepts and more innovative and efficient ways of doing things.” 

However, Sissel Rosengren of Food Industry Foresight, who will be presenting What’s in store for our industry and what’s changed since the pandemic, said it was important to keep the overall picture in perspective. “Despite the current rising cost of living and inflation, the dining out market has rebounded strongly after COVID and things are largely looking positive,” she said.  

“Australians don’t view eating out as a treat, they view it as a way of life. They may be going to more affordable places, but they are still eating out when they can. There is still strong demand for breakfast eating out, and people are flocking back to cafes in general.” Elsewhere, new series Talking Tech, sponsored by Square, will delve into the influences, opportunities, and advancements in the world of technology. Also returning will be The Source Kitchen, sponsored by Investment NSW, presenting captivating interviews, culinary demonstrations, ingredient spotlights, and industry workshops 

Key sessions include: 

Hospitality insights at Talking Trends 

  • What’s in store for our industry and what has changed since the pandemic: Sissel Rosengren of Food Industry Foresight on how the Australian hospitality industry is re-bounding and the main trends and developments taking place. 
  • Advocating for change – empowering the future of foodservice: Tony Green and Wes Lambert from Australian Foodservice Advocacy Body on the critical role advocacy plays in shaping a thriving and sustainable foodservice landscape. 
  • How to be a world champion chef: John McFadden from Squizify, who was named Best Seafood Chef at the 2022 World Food Championships, shares the trials, triumphs and lessons he’s learnt in his illustrious career.  

New ingredients at The Source Kitchen 

  • New frontiers in flavour, innovation and sustainability: Stacey Allen from Claystone Meats, Chris De Bono from Sanyou Baiju and others showcase cutting edge ingredients, products and innovations. 
  • The no-lo revolution – understanding the phenomenon of non-alcoholic drinks: David Murphy from Lyre’s Spirits, Tim Riggs from ALTD Spiritsand Katrina Patton from Pyewackets Traditional on the huge growth market and demand for no and low alcoholic drinks.
  •  Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, RecycleJulian Cinotta from Butter Sydney and others present practical ideas businesses can implement. 
  • Battle of the Sanga: Four leading Sydney venues compete in the great sanga challenge featuring Michael Shafran from Brooklyn Boy Bagels, Tom Pye Good Ways Deli and others.  

Latest innovations at Talking Tech

  • Using AI to boost business profits: Tim Kummerfeld from Foodie Coaches leads a panel discussion on how restaurant management and marketing are being revolutionised by ChatGPT and AI solutions.  
  • Training tech: Sven Almenning from Ananas and Speakeasy Group plus others discuss the trends in eatery owners using digital solutions for fast, effective onboarding and training. 
  • Doing more with less – how technology is strengthening the hospitality industry: Leading venue representatives discuss how they’ve tapped into technology to bring in more customers and helped staff to be more efficient. 

Event Manager, Andrew Lawson, said the information gleaned, and connections made has always been one of the most invaluable aspects of the show. “For some it’s helped transform their business. And often just being around fellow trailblazers and networking with fellow industry peers can inspire a marketing or creative burst.

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