6-9 Sep 2021

Industry News

Small Space, Big Results

They say that good things come in small packages, and when you look at many establishments in the hospitality industry this is most certainly true. From the famed restaurants of Tokyo that seat 10 people or less to the rise and rise of the small bar culture, small venues are big business. Or are they? […]

Q&As with the Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Finalists

The National Final of Australia’s longest running culinary competition for young chefs will be held at Fine Food Australia from Monday 11 – Tuesday 12 September, with the Awards being held on Wednesday 13 September. Finalist teams will cook-off live in front of an industry audience in purpose built kitchens. All finalists will have the […]

What you Need to Know about Dealing with Negative Reviews

Before setting foot in a restaurant, 60 per cent of people will consult online reviews first. This means your first impression starts online. A majority of your customers will have read good and bad reviews about your restaurant before even trying it out. So what can you do about it? A real financial impact Not […]

WorldSkills Competition comes to Fine Food Australia

When you participate in a WorldSkills Australia competition you are taking the first step toward being the best in your profession. Apprentices and students studying cooking and butchery will have the chance to test their skills at the upcoming Fine Food in Sydney in September. In collaboration with Fine Food Australia and Australian Culinary Federation, […]

Retail Product Highlights

Hungry for new products? At Fine Food Australia there are over 1,000 Australian and international exhibitors to browse and connect with.

Chefs Tasting Success in Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Award

Australia’s longest running culinary competition for young chefs, now in its 52nd year, is all about supporting young chefs – the future of the industry – to develop their cooking skills and broaden their culinary horizons. Already proving to be a milestone year the 2017 Nestlé Golden Chef’s Hat Award, run in partnership with Nestlé […]

Melbourne’s Drinking Habits Revealed

Written by Hospitality Magazine. New data released by Tipple shows red wine is Melbourne’s drink of choice for baby boomers, gen X and millennials. The data consists of 470,407 bottles of alcohol sold via the Tipple app from June 2016 to June 2017, with Tipple currently delivery alcohol to 264 suburbs across Melbourne and Sydney. […]

Non-Alcoholic Drink Trends

Fizzy or fruity, sweet or sour, the options for non-alcoholic drinks seem to be endless, with new flavours and brands entering the market regularly. Recent messaging from health organisations, and growing discussion around sugar consumption means consumers are becoming a lot more concerned with what they sip on. Knowing what a consumer is looking for […]

Greg Lambrecht’s Coravin Wine System is a Game Changer for Restaurateurs and Sommeliers

Written by foodservice Magazine. Coravin is the US invention that allows users to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork. Greg Lambrecht, a Boston-based medical device inventor and wine lover, first started working on his invention back in 1999 when his wife fell pregnant with their second child. Without her to help him […]

Domino’s Go Natural with Nex Gen Soft Drink Range

A few months ago, Domino’s trialed a sugar free soft drink range in New South Wales and have since launched their range nationally.

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