The Australian Culinary Federation announces a new partnership between Australian Culinary Federation Young Chefs & Simplot Australia Pty Ltd.

Jul 27, 2021

As the new principal partner of the ACF Young Chefs for 2021/22, Simplot Australia will be providing 200 young Australian chefs, apprentices or culinary students under the age of 25 years old, with 12 month membership of the ACF Young Chefs & the ACF.

ACF young chefs are established in all ACF regions & are mentored by leading chefs in their state or territory. Simplot is also working with the ACF to help raise young chefs’ profiles in Australia and promote the advantages of belonging to an industry-based association.

Simplot is one of the country’s largest suppliers in the foodservice industry and they have a strong connection with the culinary industry. Their quality products and well-known brands can be found in pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes, hospitals, aged care facilities, and quick-service restaurants.

David White, Simplot Australia’s Executive Chef, said, “We are delighted to be supporting the next generation of young Australian chefs through this partnership and are proud to be working with this great association who have a passion and dedication for the future of the culinary industry”.

Simplot is passionate about cultivating a future where good ideas and inspiring possibilities have the chance to grow. Just like careful planting, tending and harvesting lead to the best products, similarly, Simplot is dedicated to supporting and cultivating the future leaders of our industry.

The ACF young chefs is developed in line with Worldchefs young chefs and guided by the four pillars – Friendship, Education, Cuisine and Culture. It aims to give the next generation of up-and-coming chefs an educational and mentoring forum. In addition, it promotes friendship, culinary excellence, and the importance of cultural understanding and humanitarianism in Australia and around the world. ACF young Chefs have the opportunity to take part in initiatives such as the Young Chef Culinary Culture Exchange Program and Bill Gallagher Young Chefs Forum.

President Karen Doyle says, “This is a fantastic opportunity for young chefs, being a member of ACF Young Chefs will demonstrate passion, dedication and ensuring the future of our industry, leading to worldwide networking opportunities, competitions, mentoring, educational and social events”.

About the Australian Culinary Federation:

The ACF was formed in 1994 by a group of passionate chefs with a vision for change in the representation of Cooks, Chefs, Apprentices and Culinary Students. The formation of seven State and Territory Chapters resulted in the ACF’s establishment as a national representative body.

For almost 30 years the ACF has been the peak industry body dedicated to promoting camaraderie and culinary education of Chefs, Cooks, Apprentices and Culinary Students, raising the skill levels, personal growth, industry profile and wellbeing of the entire industry. Find out more about ACF here –

The ACF is a longstanding industry partner of Fine Food Australia.

 About Simplot Australia:

Simplot Australia is a food manufacturing and agriculture business that encompasses potato, vegetable, seafood, and sauce operations that supply chilled, frozen, and shelf-stable products to Australia’s major retail and foodservice markets. As the last Australian grown frozen and shelf-stable vegetable provider of any scale in Australia, Simplot are proud to support our local farming communities.

Simplot is home to Australia’s favourite food brands, including John West, Leggo’s, Birds Eye, Edgell, I&J and Chiko. For more information about Simplot Australia visit

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