Reap the Rewards of Smart Oil Management

Aug 31, 2023

Having been around for 22+ years, servicing the hospitality sector, Cookers has become one of Australia’s leading bulk cooking oil supplier.

You may’ve spotted a Cookers silver or blue truck in the city landscape or outskirts of regional Australia as they’ve become an iconic symbol to the foodservice industry. It’s their innovative thinking and environmentally conscious business model that’s allowed them to stand out from the crowd by offering a Complete Cooking Oil Management Solution.

Service & Supply with Convenience

Hospitality can be a very touch and go environment, where effective oil management goes a long way in providing value to you and your business.

How so?

A complete oil management solution takes care of the delivery of fresh cooking oil to the collection of used cooking oil. Both services operate on a scheduled basis, tailored to your unique needs, and minimise disruption to your venue. Oil is delivered in industrial food grade, stainless steel storage units that are simple to operate.

Cookers also offer a selection of high quality cooking oils to suit different applications and deliver within 14 days of refinement, so you’ll receive the freshest cooking oil consistently.

This full end-to-end service removes the hassle of ordering fresh cooking oil, managing stock, storage and handling, and the disposal of used cooking oil ethically.

You’ll also have a dedicated Business Development Manager who can assist with product setup, equipment training, oil lifecycle testing and any ongoing support to ensure you’re fully optimising your oil usage.

Act sustainably with a sustainable business 

Cookers is an ISSC and SFQ certified company with a strong focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Their Smart Oil Management System eliminates the use of traditional 20L tins, single-use plastics and bag in box which typically end up in landfill with residual oil.

Furthermore, their used oil collection service helps close the loop on oil waste through repurposing. Used oil from your venue is refined and recycled for a secondary purpose in the biodiesel industry.


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Cookers will be exhibiting at Stand E38 at Fine Food Australia in 2023! Be sure to meet the team by registering free online here.


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