The Age Old Question of Food

Aug 11, 2015

For businesses catering to an ageing market, the golden years can also be fraught with issues of allergies, dietary requirements, bulk catering and food manufacturing. The concerns about whether or not we are equipped to deal with Australia’s ageing population are being felt in every facet of the foodservice industry from manufacturers to retailers – and when you consider that estimates put one quarter of our population at the age of 65 or older by 2060, it’s easy to see why.

From aged care facilities and hospitals to cafes and restaurants, one of the biggest impacts on those in the foodservice industry is the increase in food intolerances that often accompanies an increase in age. Allergies to gluten, nuts, and eggs are particularly common, but nutrition and food safety also remains paramount – this can result in complex and sometimes overwhelming conditions for foodservice workers, particularly those dealing with specialists and doctors.

Fine Food Australia addresses the need for information, products and options from those in the industry through a range of seminars and specialist exhibitors. On the show floor, the number of exhibitors showcasing natural, organic, and allergen free products has increased in 2015, with the Free From zone increasing by 31 percent and the Natural Products zone increasing by 25 percent – a direct reflection of the impact that food allergies are having on the food sector as a whole.

In addition to the range of products tailored to the hospital and aged care market, this year’s Talking Food Stage brings a range of industry experts to the show, to share insight and advice across a range of topics affecting those catering to the sector. Relevant topics include how to grow your business by catering to food intolerances and allergies, challenges and opportunities arising from the multi billion dollar organic market, and the Low FODMAP diet

Oscar Hospitality, Australia’s leading provider of holistic aged care hospitality products, service and software, will also be hosting a series of Tricks of the Trade seminars designed to assist those dealing with the complexities of food nutrition across a variety of conditions, individual diets, age groups, cultural backgrounds, food safety requirements, and with doctors’ and specialists’ recommendations. Tours to some of the most relevant stands including leading manufacturer of food preparation equipment Robot Coup will also be conducted for those short on time but looking for great ideas and relevant solutions.

Not only a much-loved event, Fine Food Australia is a must-attend event for anyone in the hospital, aged care and foodservice space. Register online for free entry to the event.

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