Native Ingredients are on the Menu

May 10, 2019

Increasingly chefs are incorporating native ingredients to their menus with a growing appreciation for the unique and diverse flavour offerings.

Reconciliation week is a great time for us to turn attention to the contribution of Indigenous culture to the Australian food scene.

More than being simply delicious, Australian native fruits and seeds have extremely high nutritional value. Dietitian Hayley Blieden of The Australian Superfood Co was one of the first to create a range of products to unlock our native superfoods for the Australian commercial food industry. Hayley discovered her passion for bush food after working with indigenous athletes and being introduced to the nutritional treasures in her own backyard.

The rise of native ingredients in the broader community has been driven by people like Hayley and chefs who have been early adopters of these amazing ingredients. Dinner by Heston was the one of the first restaurants to add The Australian Superfood Co’s products to the menu. That first wave a few years ago was the start of a movement and now native ingredients are popping up in cafes and restaurants around the country.

So, what makes native ingredients so amazing?  To the Indigenous people of Australia, native fruits and seeds have served as a source of food and medicine for over 50,000 years, sustaining them through harsh, unpredictable Australian weather. In fact, the foods themselves had to adapt to survive. These adaptations have resulted in extraordinary, highly concentrated, nutritional compositions.

Going hand in hand with the discovery of these amazing food sources there is a huge responsibility to ensure that harvesting this produce is respectful of the land and the traditional land owners.  The Australian Superfood Co “aims to promote Indigenous culture and self-respect by raising awareness and appreciation of the sophistication of Aboriginal heritage and their wisdom relating to their land” this approach will allow more and more consumers access to a new world of flavour.

Whether its finger limes, quandong or riberry the culinary potential of bush tucker is an exciting trend that will only continue.  Fine Food is proud to host exhibitors like The Australian Superfood Co in Sydney this year.  Come and discover the latest trends shaping the food scene at the ICC, September 9th to 12th 2019.

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