Modular Farms launches first permanent location in Brisbane

Apr 2, 2018

Written by Foodservice Magazine.

Leading, vertical hydroponic farm, Modular Farms Co, has today unveiled its uniquely, engineered units on Brisbane’s Eat Street Northshore.

Built within insulated, composite-steel containers, Modular Farms allow restaurants and catering businesses as well as outdoor markets, educational facilities, farmers, agriculturists, and researchers to grow fresh, healthy produce no matter the weather, climate or terrain.

With a focus on sustainability, Modular Farms’s hydroponic, closed-loop system uses 95 per cent less water than a typical outdoor farm.

In addition, the units use less than 30 per cent of the energy that soil-based farms with similar yields require.

Their new, permanent location in Brisbane will provide food vendors in the Eat Street precinct with access to herbs and vegetables.

Modular Farms was first launched in Canada in 2015. However director of the Australian arm of the company, James Pateras, was inspired to bring the techology home after seeing the far-reaching effects of drought on his family’s farm.

He says, “Current farming practices are over 100 years old and are unsustainable for the next 100 years.

“Using Modular Farms technology, we are reducing food waste, increasing food security, and eliminating supply chain logistics to cut food miles”.

“We are excited to be able to showcase what this amazing product can do by partnering with Eat Street Northshore and are so grateful for the opportunity it has afforded us.

“We welcome people to come and taste our produce in the delicious food being served at ESN.”

The Modular Farm will supply the Northshore precinct and OzHarvest with some of their fresh produce needs and will also provide the opportunity for potential Modular Farmers to see the technology in action.

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