How to save money for your business using online POS systems

Aug 15, 2018

The emergence of new and innovative online technologies that really benefit your business.

The customer is always right. Raise your hand if you’ve heard that one before.

Whatever your stance on the statement, in the hospitality business virtually every aspect of your business is a touchpoint for the end consumer. Customer satisfaction is key in building loyalty, and patrons will vote with their wallets. In 2018, those wallets are digital.

The explosion of digital technologies available to businesses and consumers can make the environment seem chaotic, but the truth is there are a few emergent trends that truly impact the customer experience.



The proliferation of smartphones has led to rapid advancements in digital technology. Many of these developments have centred on convenience, with first-movers gaining the hearts and wallets of consumers and permanently altering the status quo.

In the restaurant space, convenience means finding ways to remove customer pain points.

Splitting bills remains one of the great customer frustrations in the Australian dining scene, though it doesn’t need to be. There is literally an app for that.

NCR Silver Pro Restaurant increases convenience by enabling flexible payment options, including splitting bills, online ordering and mobile payments. It also supports loyalty programs and event-based discounts on a single program.

NCR solutions focus on helping your business deliver more convenient customer interactions, because we understand that removing friction will drive the efficiencies that impact your bottom line.


Personalisation drives loyalty

Everybody loves when their favourite bar remembers how they like their martini. The personal touch makes customers feel special. But how do you scale that?

NCR Silver Essentials can integrate customer data to loyalty programs and your email marketing platform, creating the type of synergies across touchpoints that will help each patron feel like the only one.

This information is saved within the system, so even when you’re expanding to multiple venues or dealing with workforce changes, your customers will be able to enjoy the personalised experience that keeps them coming back.



The smartphone is fast cementing its position as the main digital interface for consumers.

With that comes a plethora of implications for the restaurant industry. Customers don’t find it convenient to call to check your business hours.

They want to use a delivery service to get lunch delivered to work when they’re on deadline (or dinner when they don’t want to miss the match). If you’re retailing, they may want to order a specialty item while commuting, so it can be delivered to them in time for their mum’s birthday tonight.

They may want to pay for coffee using Apple Pay because they forgot their wallet at home today.

But it’s not just them. You might want to check inventory on your way to a meeting with a new supplier.

Life doesn’t wait to happen until you’re sitting at a desktop, and neither will your business. Ensure you’re able to access the information you need, when and where you need it.

NCR Silver Essentials not only integrates the various mobile needs of customers – it’s also available to download from the App Store, helping you ensure business continuity.

There’s another old cliché about Darwin’s theory of evolution. Customer tastes are constantly evolving – or at least changing. Adaptability to change is crucial for every business, as is exceeding customer expectations. Don’t let your business go the way of the dodo.


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