Fine Food Puts a Focus on Staff Management

Jul 14, 2016

The Ask the Experts Advisory Centre will be a great opportunity to spend dedicated time with a hospitality and foodservice industry expert to discuss your business. It’s a key time to ask all the questions you have, specifically with regard to staffing and payments – and whether you’re up to date on obligations.

The MYOB Talking Food Stage will offer experts to speak on assortment of topics relevant to the hospitality and foodservice industry. Ranging from food waste, to panel discussions on formal vs. informal dining, there’ll be opportunity to get a broad range of expertise on how to efficiently run a hospitality business. Along with one on one time with the advisory centre, the value of information at the MYOB Talking Stage will be pertinent to all facets of business.

There will also be specific exhibitors on the show floor whose technology is developed to ensure more efficient business management and staffing.
For example, Endeavour Solutions (stand P17) specialise in delivering tailored, effective solutions to help businesses grow. With a focus on business intelligence and business management software, Endeavour hosts a team of consultants that can serve a supportive role to your business. By employing software that can assess a large amount of data intelligently, obligations such as tax and superannuation for employees will be a lot easier to navigate.

There will be many more exhibitors at Fine Food Australia 2016 that will provide specific and dedicated services and technology to help your business run more effectively, and more importantly, help you achieve your obligations. Each business is different, so a visit to Fine Food Australia means you’ll have the chance to get to know every option and choose what’s right for you.

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