Retail Product Highlights

Jul 22, 2015

One thing Fine Food Australia is famous for – and something many visitors look forward to – is seeing the plethora of new products on display. Many of our exhibitors choose to launch new products at the show to capture the engaged, relevant audience that we offer. From all corners of the globe and from all sectors of the amazingly diverse industry we all work in, the products showcased at Fine Food Australia are always interesting, and some are nothing short of mesmerising!

One such product, is the always exotic tasted of Asia, and of the most recent lasting food trends – Japanese – continues to have a strong presence across the show as well as the country’s palate. Known for their unusual international finds, The Good Grub Hub once again isn’t disappointing in 2015 with a range of retail and trade products designed to add interest as well as flavor to food offerings. From white soy sauce to Kombu spaghetti, and from Funori coral seaweed to Japanese 7 spice mixes, everything on trend will be on display and no doubt experienced for the first time by many a visitor this year.

Another great trend still going strong is healthy drink options, and this year there are several impressive entrants to the market on display including a world first from Raw C Coconut Water. Showcasing two new products at the show, Natural Raw C has combined the coconut water craze with healthy drinking options and offers products that are 100% raw, GMO free, natural coconut water. They will also be releasing a world first coconut water with dairy free protein, using only 100% natural ingredients. Not just great for customers, Raw C is also committed to the community and is an official partner of food charity Ozharvest.

But it’s not just about the food, as exhibitor Display Bay knows. Showcasing an exciting new product in Sydney, Display Bay are launching their LCD Transparent screens, a futuristic technology that is great for retail environments – specifically point of sale displays, and product launch activities. The see-through screen is fitted into a display box with products showcased inside, or multiple screens can be custom built into a space – commonly a wall or window creating an huge transparent display with products sitting behind. This type of display works especially well for medium-premium beverages such as champagne and wine.

With over 1,000 industry suppliers in the one place, it pays to be organised ahead of visiting the show, browse through our exhibitor list & product directory to prepare for your trip to Fine Food Australia.

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