$50m Australian Business Events Grants

Mar 11, 2021

We are excited to announce that Fine Food Australia this week has been listed on the Schedule of Approved Events on the Austrade program website as part of the Australian Business Events Grants Program with applications now open to all Fine Food exhibitors.

Updated: March 11 2021.

Fine Food exhibitors are now eligible to apply for upfront grants, under the Australian Business Events Grants Program. You are encouraged to attend approved business events such as Fine Food within Australia through grants to help cover up to 50% of the costs associated with exhibiting such as the hire of exhibition spaces, the design and manufacture of displays, travel and accommodation.

Should Fine Food be cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, then the non-refundable amount (as identified in the program guidelines) will be entirely met by the Australian Government.

“With many international trade shows out of reach for the time being, making it less expensive and easier for regional businesses to attend events in Australia will also present new opportunities to connect with and secure new customers,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

”We are delighted that Fine Food Australia has been listed on the Schedule of Approved Events, it underlines the significance this event has in the calendar for the food industry,” David Longman, MD, Diversified Communications said.

“Live events are hugely important to the economy and the food community, to come together, trade, network and hear from industry thought leaders. We welcome the Business Events Grant Program, as a mechanism whereby our customers can apply to cover up to half their costs in participating at Fine Food Australia. We encourage our customers to undertake the application process as soon as they can, to give themselves the best chance of receiving funding.”

Funding will only be provided for Exhibitors and business delegates attending events such as Fine Food or more events listed on the Schedule such as Integrate, Security Expo, AWRE, foodpro and Naturally Good.

The Business Events Grants program is now open for any exhibitors with a minimum spend of $10,000 on eligible exhibiting costs. For further grant details, click here.

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