Trends in the Baking Scene

Jul 17, 2015

Baked goods have long been popular with consumers – after all, who doesn’t love an indulgent brownie or melt-in-your-mouth croissant – so what can we expect to see on the baking scene for 2015? We break down trends in shopping and purchasing that are set to be key to bakeries.

What consumers want

Aside from taste, product presentation, freshness and selection will be paramount and influence buying decisions. Consumers today are more educated and savvy than ever, and expect nothing but the best in return for their loyalty.

The focus and demand for healthier options won’t slow down when it comes to baked goods. Consumers will seek indulgence when they want it, but equally, health-benefits continue to pervade, particular from those who are intolerant to certain ingredients.

What this means for bakeries

Rather than larger, special occasion products, consider small-sized or single served products to drive frequent and diverse trips. Millennials are the case in point here – they represent a prominent market for sales because of their quick shopping patterns.

In line with the health demand, products with high fibre, as well as those that include fresh and whole grains will be key in store offerings. Avoid processed ingredients such as hydrogenated fates and high fructose syrups, and consider gluten-free products made from rice/corn flour.

It is also important for bakeries to diversify the choices available in store. As well as the traditional baked goods, hybrid products and twists on nostalgic, traditional sweets are always popular and will keep customers coming back!

It can be difficult to keep on top of the trends affecting our rapidly changing industry, which is why Fine Food has worked to ensure these trends, amongst others, will feature at the 2015 show. Register online now for free entry.

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