2-5 Sep 2024
MCEC Melbourne

Talking Tech

New for 2023, Talking Tech, sponsored by Square will delve deep into the influence, opportunities, and advancements in the world of technology.

11 - 14 September
Level 4 - Upper Exhibition Halls

New for 2023, Talking Tech, sponsored by Square will delve deep into the influence, opportunities, and advancements in the world of technology.

Key insights will be shared from leading experts that will help make life easier for food service and hospitality businesses and their staff.

2023 Talking Tech Program

How restaurant management and marketing are being revolutionised by ChatGPT and AI solutions.

A panel discussion by Foodie Coaches with Tim Kummerfeld and guests.

As consumer spending tightens, restaurants and bars are looking at how they can unlock growth in creative ways. In this talk, we’ll hear from industry leaders that are bottling up new sauces or drinks, selling merch, selling experiences, and finding other ways to build new revenue streams.

As passionate chefs, our love for creation knows no bounds. Yet, the challenge arises when we must objectively weigh the pros and cons of crafting culinary delights in-house versus embracing pre-made solutions.

The age-old arguments echo:

• "Homemade and hand-crafted items exude unparalleled flavor."

• "Our apprentices thrive when engaged in every aspect, from raw to ready."

• "Customer expectations demand a from-scratch approach."

• And the resounding concern — "Outsourcing compromises my culinary integrity."

Join us in this informative session where we delve into a live demonstration of such decision-making analysis.

We'll dissect the comprehensive costs of each avenue, exploring diverse factors that demand consideration prior to finalising this pivotal choice.

Taking out the emotion of this decision

Three experienced business owners share the tech tools they use to control costs, drive sales and manage their staff.

A Foodie Coaches panel discussion with guests.

How do you successfully scale from a handful of locations to dozens and beyond? In this talk, Nate Hatwell, Managing Director and Scott McComas Williams, Executive Chef, of The Love Tilly Group will share insights into how they’ve built The Love Tilly Group, and share tips on how to grow sustainably. How have they managed culture changes, scouted the best locations, overcome mistakes, in their path to growth?

How cafe and restaurant owners use digital solutions for fast, effective onboarding and training.

A Foodie Coaches Panel discussion.

Is your menu comprehensively costed?

Have all your recipes been assigned ingredient costs?

Have all the sub-ingredients been thoroughly costed?

A standardised costing sheet enables you to calculate the complete expense of a recipe, determine the food cost percentage, and consequently establish a suitable selling price.

Especially in today's landscape, this holds paramount importance for the culinary and business aspects of running a venue. Join this live demonstration to acquire the knowledge needed to fulfil these unique kitchen demands.

Let's cost a recipe!

The hospitality industry is starting to embrace the capabilities of Generative AI to redefine customer experiences, enhance operational efficiency, and foster innovation. This dynamic session will delve into the real-world applications, challenges, and triumphs of implementing AI within the hospitality landscape. This session is aiming to equip audience members with insights and starting points for their own AI experiments.

As Artificial Intelligence and related technologies redefine the landscape of the hospitality industry, the question arises - are they augmenting operational efficiency or jeopardising the vital human element? This session explores this duality, discussing how AI can streamline transactions for businesses like fast-food chains, while enhancing personalised service for more human-centric organisations.

As AI increasingly influences customer preferences, traditional touchpoints like reviews evolve in importance. This session investigates the transformative shift, exploring how to strike the delicate balance between employing cutting-edge technologies for operational efficiency and preserving the irreplaceable human touch in hospitality.

Hospitality businesses are the third place - a place where people hang out between home and work. Running hospitality businesses is about much more than just feeding people - it’s about building communities, celebrating and reconnecting with those around you, and creating safe spaces where people come together. In this talk, we discuss the role of hospitality in fostering communities and creating third places.

EasyVend’s Client Relationship Manager, Jayden Massoud will delve into how adapting technology into b2b business operations can cut costs, tackle staff shortages, and make your business thrive. Let's explore together how automation optimises resources, empowers business growth, and keeps clients happy in a competitive market.

As the hospitality industry responds to reduced spending, a tight labour market, and increasing costs, more and more venues are turning to technology to help their staff be more efficient and do more with less. In this talk, we’ll hear from leading venues about how they’ve tapped into technology to make bringing in customers, and delivering excellent service, easier.

How successful business owners are using the latest digital tools to reduce costs with same-day information and easy-to-understand reports.

A Foodie Coaches panel discussion.

The food we eat is the greatest driver of biodiversity loss. Our food systems are responsible for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, we will struggle to feed a population of 9 billion people, unless we change the way we grow, produce and consume our food. Companies of all sizes are struggling with how and where to start addressing sustainability. Join Cara as she talks through what sustainability means for the food industry, why you should get started and how to differentiate with data. It’s easier than you think.


We are proud to be partnering with Square as a Major Sponsor for Fine Food Australia.

Helping every size of business succeed. Square was established to give every aspiring business owner an easier way to take card payments. They’ve built a lot more tools since. From side gigs to sports stadiums, Square help businesses of all sizes and types succeed on their own terms.


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