2-5 Sep 2024
MCEC Melbourne

Session Information

14-Sep, 12:30 - 13:00

What’s more important in the kitchen – an iPad or a chef’s knife?

Talking Trends
ICC Sydney
Level 4 - Upper Exhibition Halls

As financial pressures mount in the culinary world, there is sentiment that an iPad could evolve into a chef's closest companion, potentially rivalling the significance of a trusty chef's knife.

In an environment where time is a precious commodity, especially when exceeding 45 hours per week, it's imperative to shift towards a smarter, more efficient approach rather than relying solely on arduous effort. Alongside the prevailing challenges concerning wage equity and mental well-being, the current excessive work hours are no longer tenable.

Join this session to explore the ways in which iPads and cutting-edge software can play a pivotal role in orchestrating a financially sustainable kitchen. Discover how these tools can contribute to the transformation of kitchen operations for the better.

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