2-5 Sep 2024
MCEC Melbourne

Session Information

11-Sep, 12:00 - 12:30

MSC, a Solution to Supply Chain Integrity for Sustainable Seafood

Talking Trends
ICC Sydney
Level 4 - Upper Exhibition Halls

Find out how to provide assurance for sustainable seafood offering in a landscape confronted by global warming, population growth, mislabelling and substitution as well as greenwashing. Increasing the supply of blue foods through better fisheries management can make food more affordable for low-income populations, helping to avoid 166 million micronutrient deficiencies by 2030. MSC works in alignment with the UN SDG to meet some of these targets. Hear straight from Grant Logue of Harley & Johns (independent fishmonger) on his sourcing journey to meet growing global trends and consumer expectations on sustainability

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