2-5 Sep 2024
MCEC Melbourne

Session Information

13-Sep, 11:15 - 11:45

AI in Hospitality: Boosting Efficiency or Threatening the Human Touch?

Talking Tech
ICC Sydney
Level 4 - Upper Exhibition Halls

As Artificial Intelligence and related technologies redefine the landscape of the hospitality industry, the question arises - are they augmenting operational efficiency or jeopardising the vital human element? This session explores this duality, discussing how AI can streamline transactions for businesses like fast-food chains, while enhancing personalised service for more human-centric organisations.

As AI increasingly influences customer preferences, traditional touchpoints like reviews evolve in importance. This session investigates the transformative shift, exploring how to strike the delicate balance between employing cutting-edge technologies for operational efficiency and preserving the irreplaceable human touch in hospitality.

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