5-8 Sep 2022
Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

The Source Kitchen

Presented by Straight To The Source. The Source Kitchen holds the many must-see food demonstrations of the year!

5 - 8 September
Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre
The Source Kitchen will push boundaries and unleash creativity with a dynamic array of presenters, ingredients and techniques every single day! Food experts Tawnya Bahr and Lucy Allon of Straight To The Source will delve into Australian produce, ideas and provenance through interviews, culinary demonstrations, ingredient spotlights, and industry workshops with farmers, artisans and innovators.

Sit back and take in the abundance of information and knowledge provided at The Source Kitchen, over a range of demonstrations. Plus, discover brand new producers and regions!


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2022 Program

Monday 5 September

If the last two years have taught us anything it is you must be resilient and foster change. Join us to meet 2019 Farmer of the Year finalist, Fiona Aveyard from Outback Lamb, and Fabian Fabbro from Woodland Valley Farm, farmers who have had to think outside the box to grow their farming enterprises in a sustainable way.

With rising food costs, a growing focus on no-waste and proven health benefits, preserving is on the rise. However demand is leading to a shortage of locally grown ingredients such as dill cucumbers and cabbage. Join us for a dill-icious morning with James Barbour, founder of Dillicious and Sharon Flynn from The Fermentary as we break down the nuances of pickling and preserving, and discuss how you can preserve provenance on your menu by seeking out Australian producers. There will be plenty of action in the kitchen with demonstrations to inspire serious creativity.

As custodians of the land, First Nations People have long cultivated a rich and nuanced relationship with native ingredients – one that celebrates connection, community and culture. Bushfoods and native Australian botanicals can bring nutritional benefits and unique flavour profiles to your plate. Learn from three Australian native producers why knowing where (and who) your Indigenous ingredients come from is key in the kitchen.

With the rise of plant-based proteins, and ever-growing consumer interest in health and wellness, it's no surprise that pulses are becoming a star ingredient in their own right. They might also be key in helping our planet transition to a more sustainable agricultural system. Through discussion and demonstration, we explore exactly why the world's so excited about pulses right now. We'll be putting pulses through their paces in The Source Kitchen, with Pip from Pinnaroo Farms, Anna from Rosevale Lentils, Roger from Black Barley and dynamic Melbourne chef Marvin Tan.

Tuesday 6 September

Five top chefs and their teams go head-to-head to create innovative dishes that celebrate our star ingredient: onions. A humble vegetable, Australian onions have the potential to be a hero ingredient. Plus, they bring myriad nutritional benefits to any dishes they're added to. Watch as our chef teams battle it out for the title of Best Onion Dish, and learn all about the health (and taste!) benefits of onions while you do.

Ivan and Julie Larcher from Long Paddock Cheese have relocated their young family from France to Castlemaine, VIC to share their experience and skills to help build the Australian artisan cheese industry. Find out how these exciting young artisan cheesemakers put provenance, flavour and diversity front and centre for Australian artisan cheesemaking.

Olives are an ancient and noble food source, borne from some of the oldest cultivated trees known to man. Australia is now at the forefront of producing some of the most premium extra virgin olive oils in the world. We would like you to join us in The Source Kitchen for a tasting masterclass run by Olive Oil Queen Westerley Isbiah. Develop your own understanding, taste and language around the delicious world of extra virgin olive oil.

Do you REALLY know the shelf life of your ingredients once opened? Do you REALLY know the best way to seal a preserved product? Whether ambient, frozen or refrigerated there’s often uncertainty.

Do you have a great idea for a ready meal, meal kit or value-add product range, but not sure about the steps you need to take to ensure it is a safe food product.

Join us as we demystify safe food storage and product development with Dr. Belinda Chapman who has this down to a science. An applied research microbiologist and food scientist, Belinda is one of Australia's top experts in this space, bringing years of food product development experience to the table when educating foodservice

You’ll leave this session with a virtual toolkit to implement in your kitchens.

Wednesday 7 September

A return to heritage breeds is making a resurgence, driven by farmers focused on producing top quality meat that is not only full of flavour but which also benefits the land. Join us to hear from farmers Kim & Bryan Kiss from Grassland Poultry and Lauren Mathers from Bundarra Berkshires, along with butcher Grant Hilliard from Feather & Bone, on the new frontier of free range and ethically raised chickens and pigs.

Traditionally grown for pearls, Leeuwin Coast Akoya are sustainably cultivated using innovative aquaculture techniques in the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean around Albany, WA – the first place in the world to be showcasing this incredible shellfish as a culinary delicacy.
Join chef Matt Stone who will showcase the flavour and versatility of this very unique product, along with farmer Glenn Dibbin, part of the Leeuwin Coast team bringing this world-first culinary product to the market, to learn more about this fascinating product taking Australia by storm

Find out how a commitment to telling the story of provenance through drinks led to a partnership between Voyager Craft Malt and Backwoods Distilling Co. and resulted in an award-winning rye whisky and single-origin malt as a trending ingredient.

A passion for cooking and an innovative streak have taken these entrepreneurial chefs from cooking for other people to helping people cook for themselves. From falafels bursting with flavour, all-natural prawn oil, find out what inspired this creative crew to launch their own food products.

Thursday 8 September

It’s game on in the kitchen! Kangaroo, venison, wild boar and mushrooms are highly sustainable and nutritious, yet still underutilised. Join us for an exciting demo and delicious tastings as we pair up master pâtissier Christopher The and Macro Group’s Clayton Graham to discuss creative ways to combine these ingredients to deliver big on flavour in a sustainable way.   

Get ready to ditch the doilies and cucumber sandwiches, as creative producers and chefs show us how exciting high tea can be. Sue from Singing Magpie is bringing along her just released tea to match creations by Eddie from Tokyo Lamington and Cherie from All The Things. This is high tea, but not as you know it.

When it comes to the future of agriculture, there's few things more exciting than forging a new path. Hear how Lance Mcleod from Moojepin Foods is helping to restore degraded land through innovative new methods for growing saline produce; and from Perth-based plant breeder Adrian Parsons, one of the early commercial producers of Geraldton waxflower and cultivating it for its culinary versatility and edible properties.


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