What You’ll See at Fine Food Australia 2016

Aug 8, 2016

Product innovation is a constant in the food industry – driven by trends, consumer demand and new realms of technology, the possibilities of product capability continue to grow.

Innovation breeds new products and services. Fine Food Australia is always an exciting place to be, as the annual event plays host to a veritable line up of new products and services that are ground breaking. Whether it’s a new food item that’s dedicated to a certain diet, or an automated ordering system that changes the way you manage POS, or even a luxury line of goods that feature flecks of gold, Fine Food Australia is proud to host it all.

Taste of Paris will be exhibiting their gold range of fine products – a selection including Himalayan salt, peppercorn and even truffle mustard, all treated with edible gold powder that doesn’t dissolve.

Avovita Avocados will be showcasing their chocolate mousse, made entirely from avocados and free from dairy, gluten, nuts or anything artificial. With foodservice and retail packs, this product is a result of industry innovation through the use of new technologies. Using a High Pressure Processing machine (HPP) and an Instant Quick Freeze technology, they’re able to craft a brand new product that suits dietary requirements and utilizes avocados in a whole new way.

A temperature logger that allows you to test the quality of raw meat will also be on show at the Food Sniffer Stand – a tool that will no doubt revolutionise the issue of food wastage and provide chefs with peace of mind in working with meat.

It’s this type of innovative technology that is lifting the service of food businesses, new products that are problem solving and adaptable, while also catering to consumer demand, taste and of course the diet-du-jour.

Interested to find out what technology and innovation will be bringing in new products and services for the food industry? Make sure you’re at Fine Food Australia and register only for free entry (and save the $30 event door charge).

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