Big industry turn out for Fine Food Australia 2022 as Australia’s top innovations, products and industry stars shine

Sep 13, 2022

This year’s Fine Food Australia event has wrapped for 2022 with tens of thousands of attendees over four massive days at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre.

More than 670 Australian and international exhibitors were out in force representing the food industry, featuring thousands of new product innovations, technology and service ideas from areas including catering equipment, bakery, front of house, food products, beverages, hospitality and retail technology, meat and seafood, packaging and more.

As the biggest food trade event in the Southern Hemisphere, over 100 top food experts, industry masters, baristas and Australia’s most exciting chefs from around the country also took to the various stages for presentations and demonstrations.

One of the highlights was the annual Innovation Awards which recognise the most exciting and innovative products in the Australian marketplace, judged by top food industry experts.

“The calibre of entrants this year for the Innovation Awards was incredible,” said Product and Event Manager, Andrew Lawson. “All the nominees were phenomenal but what really set the winners apart were products that were very unique displaying a high level of innovation.”

Winners below:

Best new food service product, presented by Hello Food Service: Clorox Australia – Glad to be Green Compostable Baking Paper. Comprised of a unique composition of materials, as opposed to regular baking paper which has a high amount of silicone, Clorox’s product is a win for sustainability says Commercial Manager McLean Bennett. “It is costly to make but we believe in economies of scale and the environment, so we are thrilled at how it’s performed over 12 months.”

Andrew Lawson from Fine Food Australia with McLean Barnett from Clorox

Best new retail product, presented by Retail World: Mama Emma – Gluten Free Potato Gnocchi with Pea Flour.
About to launch on the Australian market through distributor Raw Materials, Marketing Manager Alberto Bianco said, “the product is different to other gnocchi products in that it is made from 68 per cent steamed potatoes unlike others which are made from potato flakes. The result is a superior product.”

Alberto Bianco from Mama Emma with Nicholas Rider from Retail World

FCSI Best new hospitality equipment, presented by FCSI: UNOX – SPEED-X™.
A game changer for commercial kitchens, SPEED-X™ is the first ever self-washing combi speed oven. “It’s a really exciting innovation as it’s the perfect combination of quality and speed,” said Managing Director Wayne Viles. “It’s just about to launch in Australia and we’re hoping it will be in hundreds of kitchens within 12 months.”

Wayne Viles from UNOX with Andrew Brian from Food Service Consultants Australia

FCSI best new bakery product, presented by Baking Business: Heuch Fresh – Weber Cooling Australia.
With natural resting time of freshly baked product taking up to a few hours, the Weber Cooling system can reduce cooling time to just over two minutes. “This greatly improves a bakery’s efficiency and output,” said Heuch Business Develop Manager Nick Hanley. “It also reduces baking time by 50 per cent. This is the most cost-effective cooler on the market and we are just about to launch which is exciting.”

Nick Hanley from Heuch Fresh with Alan Kirk from Baking Business

“It was amazing to be back in Melbourne this year hosting the ultimate food trade event, in order to inspire, educate and unite this incredible industry, which is the backbone of our culture and communities,” said Mr Lawson.

This year Fine Food Australia announced the Victorian Government is a strategic partner of the event for the first time, backing it through its Made in Victoria campaign, which celebrates Victoria is a national leader in food production and manufacturing.

Fine Food Australia is the only industry event supported by all key industry associations including Austrade, Australian Culinary Federation, Australian Food Service Advocacy Body (AFAB), Food Service Suppliers Association of Australia (FSAA), National Association of Food Equipment Suppliers (NAFES), Straight to the Source, and the Restaurant & Catering Association.

“We are proud to be supported be all the key industry bodies and associations, and will continue to showcase the latest our partners have to offer, whilst also providing education and insight from industry leaders through activations and presentations. Whether you have a well-established business or are a start-up, there is something for everyone at every event. We look forward to bringing the industry together once more next year.”

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