Fast Food, But Not As You Know It

Jul 20, 2015

Regardless of what type of business you run within this great industry of ours, you have no doubt noticed a growing trend – people want things fast. Fast food no longer just means take-away – instead fast food is a fact of life that the food industry is being forced to adapt to in order to maintain and grow customers. From pre-theatre dinners served in sixty minutes, snacking services delivered to your door, or pre-made dinners that just need to be reheated at home, the world moves fast, and we need to move with it.

Regardless of if you sit within the traditional fast food business, or are simply dealing with the fast food mentality of consumers, there are a few key trends impacting the sector – the major two of which are really no surprise.

While some trends peak then fade, it’s become obvious that the healthy lifestyle and eating trend is here for the long haul – in particular DIY health, and it is most certainly being felt across the fast food industry. Many people have taken up food related lifestyles such as paleo, organic eating, gluten-free, or quitting sugar – not due to advice from a doctor or nutritionist, but instead of their own accord due to their own beliefs. These trends have seen customers’ expectations for the provision of suitable food rise as quickly as the trends themselves, and as a result, the menus from fast food outlets to fine diners have changed accordingly. Some businesses such as Fine Food Australia exhibitor Roza’s Gourmet Sauces have ensured every product in their range is gluten free and clearly labelled in regards to other dietary requirements including FODMAP, nut allergies, vegan and egg and dairy free, and snack delivery service from Harvest Box sends a range of guilt-free snacks direct to customers’ doors.

Although healthfulness and mindfulness doesn’t appear at first glance to go hand in hand with technology, it does – and that’s another key trend affecting the fast food industry. Technology is allowing people to order home delivery from what were traditionally dine-in establishments, effectively turning every restaurant or café into a potential fast food outlet. Customers can now pay bills via their smart phones, and some cafes have introduced systems to allow customers to text or email their coffee orders ahead of time so their drink of choice is waiting for collection upon their arrival. In recognition of how ubiquitous technology has become, one of our exhibitors, Flicked, has launched a lighting system that also allows customers to charge their devices at their table while they dine.

It can be difficult to keep on top of the trends affecting our rapidly changing industry, which is why Fine Food has worked to ensure these trends, amongst others, will feature at the 2015 show. Register online now for free entry.

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