Wedding Bells

May 26, 2016

For many, their wedding day will be the most important day of their life. Apart from the heartfelt vows and seeing the bride’s wedding dress for the first time, the couple’s choice in wedding food and reception will often be the most talked about.

Weddings have now more than ever become key-catering events, with many couples searching for recent trends that will set their wedding day apart from the rest and leave their guests with something they will remember forever.

Sarah Perez Webber, author of Catering Magazine, highlights that weddings are “an intimate event that gives a glimpse into the marrying couple’s lives through its food and décor.’’ Couples today are not only looking for what’s on trend, but also ways in personalising their big day to reflect who they are as a couple.

Wedding experts and some of the industry biggest caterers are now sharing some of the recent trends that they are seeing in the wedding industry.

Food Menu

Creativity is the key to being on trend when it comes to creating a food menu. Gone are the days of the age-old choice between ‘chicken and beef’, with many couples making food the focal point at their reception, creating food stations, each serving a different cuisine that encourage people to stand around and engage with one another.

Monique Guterres, chef and owner of Seaweed Cuisines Byron Bay, recently highlighted that ‘street food style catering, pop-up stalls and festival inspired catering is one of the most popular styles of catering in 2016.’ Traditional sit-down meals are now being overlooked for casual dining instead.


Dessert is always the show stopper at weddings, with extravagant wedding cakes now becoming a thing of the past. Couples are now becoming more creative with their dessert menu and often opt in for dessert bars that feature a range of classic desserts made into bite-sizes pieces, allowing guests to treat themselves to tasty treats as they please.

‘People are looking for a series of low tortes and tarts with different sized platters and amazing big bowls of fresh fruits and big bowls of cream,’ Monique Guterress says. Wedding guests are often not looking for huge plates of sweet dessert that late in the evening, especially those who have been treating themselves to the open bar.


And then there is the style of the venue where guests will be seated to enjoy their food. Rustic- chic style is still going strong, according the Catering Magazine, with distressed woods matched with gold and copper table settings, adding a relaxed dining experience.

Couples are now looking at catering an event that has a relaxed vibe, encouraging a more communal space, which branches away from the traditional formal setting. Couples want to create an environment that guests will feel relaxed and engage with one another, making the event that bit more enjoyable.




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