Melbourne’s Drinking Habits Revealed

Aug 2, 2017

Written by Hospitality Magazine.

New data released by Tipple shows red wine is Melbourne’s drink of choice for baby boomers, gen X and millennials.

The data consists of 470,407 bottles of alcohol sold via the Tipple app from June 2016 to June 2017, with Tipple currently delivery alcohol to 264 suburbs across Melbourne and Sydney.

The data also shows Melbourne trumps Sydney with the red grape variety accounting for 24 percent of all drinks ordered in the past 12 months, as opposed to Sydney at 18 percent of all drinks ordered.

Tipple co-CEO Matthew Walsh says alcohol delivery services like Tipple have access to Melbourne’s drinking habits like never before.

“The data we have available at Tipple and the amount of insight it gives us into Melbourne and Sydney’s drinking habits is truly unique,” says Walsh. “For the first time we can truly pinpoint what people are drinking by their age and postcode.”

On par with red wine in Melbourne is beer, accounting for 24 percent of all orders this year, but beer proves to be Sydney’s drink of choice at 25 percent.


Millennials prefer to support small businesses with 42 percent of all craft beer orders in 2017 being attributed to the group, whereas the silent generation would much prefer to keep things local, accounting for 50 percent of all local beer orders this year.

Perhaps the gentrification of Essendon has played a role in the suburbs love for craft beer, with over half of all deliveries to the suburb being of the craft beer variety, followed closely by Brunswick, West Melbourne and Abbotsford at 37 percent equally.

Not shying away from a VB or Carlton Draught, Glen Iris prefers to keep things local, with 80 percent of all orders being local beer, with 56 percent of St Kilda and 51 percent of Coburg orders being local beer.


Ferntree Gully’s preference is for the red grape variety, with red wine accounting for 71 percent of all orders this year, followed by Aspendale Gardens at 64 percent and Surrey Hills at 56 percent.

Meanwhile, Moorabbin prefers white wine with it accounting for 82 percent of all their orders, followed by Kooyong at 81 percent and Croydon at 68 percent.

Suburbs that prefer alcohol delivery the most

Data reveals North Melbourne’s order history has grown by 86 percent in the past six months alone, followed closely by Thornbury at 60 percent and Essendon at 57 percent.

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