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Aug 25, 2021

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In times of upheaval and change, a smart thing to do is look to the best and most successful in your field and learn from their path. Take heed of their mistakes, note down their victories, and plot your own journey with theirs in mind.

But that can be a hard thing to do in hospitality. Life as an entrepreneur, leader and host can take up all the bandwidth you have. Plus, in an industry that is built on margins and competition, the advice of others in a similar situation isn’t so easy to come by.

Fill Your Cup: How cafe owners can maximise value and work smarter, is a new ebook presented by Lavazza that aims to fill that knowledge void. Endorsed by Jock Zonfrillo, one of Australia’s most successful chefs, this book offers advice on how to push through the toughest time in the Australian hospitality scene for generations. Along with Jock Zonfrillo, Fill Your Cup features guidance from industry successes such as Guy Mainwaring from Pantry, Vito Bruno from Bruno and Co, Michael Costanzo from D.O.C, Attil Filipelli from The Last Piece and Sab Randazzo from San Lorenzo. Garner what Jock Zonfrillo calls the “tremendous resilience” of these hospitality geniuses and get priceless insight on how they position their businesses to succeed.

One of the hardest elements of the past year has been the nationwide worker shortage spurred on by the exit of thousands of international workers that were at the heart of the hospitality industry. “It’s the staff who make it a warm and hospitable place for everyone,” says Attil Filipelli from The Last Piece in Melbourne’s east, highlighting the importance of having a happy, productive crew.  But, in this workforce landscape, the panel of experts agree that everyone must start thinking outside the box.

Jock Zonfrillo suggests businesses, “consider hiring older staff who are in their sixties and looking for a couple of 3-hour shifts a week.” Whatever you do, Fill Your Cup will help inspire you to strategise creatively.

Once you have recruited, you must retain. Vito Bruno, who creates a familial and comfortable feeling in his venue, says it is essential for staff to be “clear on your vision and understand how it links to their own career path.” Acknowledging that hospitality is all about understanding each other and working towards shared goals can build relationships that last a lifetime.

As the industry continues to be affected in this tumultuous time, Fill Your Cup offers a knowledge base for you to lean on. Get innovative techniques for retaining and creating traffic through your door while also capitalising on the customers who already support you. Learn the lessons already learnt by restaurant greats — how they maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses through delegation and continue to learn from others themselves. Most of all, see that everyone falls at times, but it’s about getting back on your feet and back in the game when you do.

Fill Your Cup is a resource created to assist you in these unique and challenging times, use it to your advantage.

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