Cha-ching: The season to cash in

Dec 14, 2017

With increased activity in the seafood sector, and a rising demand as Christmas rolls around, it’s important to know how the average business or retailer can take advantage of it all. A good way to get started is to observe how local players are getting ahead of the game.

For instance, to combat the peak period, the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont has launched a smartphone app called ‘GetFish’ to enable home delivery in the days prior to Christmas. This will attempt to alleviate the stress on their precinct during their 36-hour pre-christmas sale, which is set to attract crowds of nearly 100,000 customers.

And for businesses that sit outside of the seafood specialisation, there’s still plenty of opportunities to reap the benefits. These include:

  • Seafood accompaniments: Those in the wider food industry, who perhaps don’t specialise in seafood specifically, can still profit from what promises to be a frenzied consumer season. Items like sauces, garnishes and even particular types of cutlery are a great way to upsell at the counter.
  • Multicultural catering: Nielsen Research has revealed there is a gap in catering to multicultural Australians, due to the non-traditional seafood that’s often enjoyed across varying ethnicities. As different types of fish and seafood are requested by different cultures, catering businesses should keep outside-the-box requests accessible.
  • On-demand delivery: Creating a portal for delivery, similar to the Sydney Fish Market, presents a way to increase sales over the busy festive season and tackle high demand. It may mean investing in some extra hands, but the increase in profit is likely to outweigh the wages.

Leading seafood exhibitors will be at the 2018 Fine Food Australia, kicking off at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 10-13 September, 2018. See the full list of exhibitors here.

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