Flavour of June: Cafés – The Heart of Australian Hospitality

Jun 29, 2016

Australians and coffee – it’s a match made in heaven. And it seems the love affair won’t be ending anytime soon, with the cafe industry set to grow by seven percent over the next five years. But while cafés have become the heart of Australian hospitality, the market has also become more crowded than ever.

So in a sea of cafés, how can yours stand out? Staying on the forefront of major industry trends is one way to gain – or consolidate – that competitive edge which will see customers lining up every day!

High-Quality Coffee

Australian coffee-lovers are famously fussy, and set to become even more discerning with review sites such as BeanHunter gaining traction. It’s critical that cafés renew their focus on the basics of brilliant coffee – high-quality blends and skilled baristas. The brand new Roasters Lane at Fine Food Australia, dedicated to all things coffee, is sure to inspire when it comes to the dos and don’ts of the perfect cuppa.


Ethical Consumerism

Customers aren’t just looking for coffee that tastes good – they want to feel good about drinking it too! Ethical consumerism has become a major concern, with Fair Trade beans (or the equivalent) becoming less of an option, and more of a necessity for competitive cafés. This also caters to the increased interest in the provenance of food and drink, so you can kill two birds with one blend!


Bigger Isn’t Better

Major coffee chains tend to lose out in Australia, giving the smaller guys a distinct advantage. Just think of Starbucks’ unsuccessful foray into the Australian market, and it’s not hard to see that most of us associate quality, ambience and experience with smaller operations. In order to leverage this trend to benefit your café, make sure that your staff and your store foster a sense of intimacy and ambience.


Fast (Fresh) Food

Consumers are leading busier lives, meaning they eat out more often. As a consequence, formal dining experiences have fallen out of favour, with casual and convenient alternatives reigning supreme. Diverse menus with fresh and premium ingredients are expected to perform particularly well in the next few years, and can add a valuable stream of revenue to your business.

With Fine Food Australia across all sectors of the foodservice industry, it’s sure to serve up some inspiration for your next menu! Register online for free entry & save the $30 door charge.

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