Frustrated Aussies Refuse to Wait for a Table

Nov 28, 2016

By Open House.

Waiting for a restaurant table irritates Australians more than delayed public transport or waiting to board a flight, according to new research by online reservation platform OpenTable.

Almost a third of Aussies (30 per cent) say they find waiting to be seated as a walk-in diner most irritating, more so than waiting for public transport (23 per cent), in the queue to board a flight (17 per cent), or for online shopping to be delivered (11 per cent).

The research revealed the average time diners are willing to wait for a table at an unbookable restaurant is 18 minutes, with one in 10 unwilling to wait at all.

OpenTable vice president APAC Lisa Hasen said as lifestyles become busier, diners don’t want to waste time waiting for a restaurant table.

“By booking ahead, they eliminate the unknown element of the wait, using their time instead to enjoy the important things – great food, great atmosphere and great company,” she said.

According to the study, the dining habits of Australians are changing, with half of those surveyed saying they dine out more now than they did five years ago.

“As the Australian dining scene continues to evolve, so too will the booking behaviours of diners. We are eating out more frequently and have increased dining options, making decisions more challenging and the ability to reserve of greater importance,” Hasen said.


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