8-11 Mar 2022

ASCA Coffee Challenge

Australian Specialty Coffee Association presents the 2022 Coffee Championships. Come and see Canberra & NSW’s best Baristas battle it out over 4 days!

8 - 11 March
Exhibition Floor

Join Australia’s leading industry body dedicated to promoting and growing the specialty coffee industry, ASCA, for 4 days of fun!

If you are a coffee professional, barista, cafe owner, or coffee roaster, you’ll want to pencil this in your Fine Food 2021 schedule. ASCA will put you in touch with the leading edge of the Australian coffee industry, you’ll be in awe of all the talent! Winners will be announced each day.

Full agenda and details to be announced soon. For now, let’s just get excited!


Whilst the full agenda has not yet been announced for 2021, you can expect to see your favourite, well-renowned, competitions return! New to Fine Food? Have a read below to see what’s in store!

Barista Championship

The event is a celebration of cutting edge espresso extraction technique, an examination of baristas technical skill & customer service set to music. The discipline also includes the preparation of an espresso & milk beverage of any style and also a signature drink. Signature drinks tell a personal story of the flavours and aromas within the selected coffee combined to make a unique coffee based drink for the judges to asses for originality, flair, balance and skill of preparation. All these three elements have to come together in a 15 minute routine in a staged environment with judges and a crowd to add to the atmosphere.


Latte Art Championship

Latte art is the professional signature of baristas, also a increasingly creative and beautiful art form using velvety steamed milk to create patterns and drawings in coffee. The ASCA Latte Art Championship is a ten-minute competition showcasing the best skills in the country against each other in a battle for clarity of design, technical execution and creativity.


Tasters Championship

Cup tasting is a furious test of a keen palate, competitors pit their wits against each other in a live environment picking out the odd coffee from three cups and moving on the next one against the clock. The winner successfully picks the odd coffee from a sample of three and with eight different groups on the table in the quickest time.


Brewers Cup

This is the fastest growing competition in coffee! The ASCA Australian Brewers cup is about showing off the beauty of specialty coffee by traditional hand brewing and telling the story through spoken word and demonstration of skill in the cup delivered to the judging panel.

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