Turning waste into good times

Q: How did the Re concept evolve? A: Over 10 years ago, in London, I was watching class two produce, fruit with a blemish or slightly misshapen veg, being sold for a 10th of the price. So, I started buying strawberries for 50p instead of £6 a kilo. I was blending them anyway for cocktails. […]

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Turning waste into good times

British bar wunderkind Matt Wiley talks to food writer Richard Cornish about his award-winning sustainability focused Re bar and kitchen, where otherwise wasted food and drink is reimagined in a beautiful historic building in Everleigh.



“My job is creating happiness”

Simon Veauvy trained as a pastry chef in Paris, New York, Seoul and Tokyo before finding his true passion in a Sydney bakery. The 37-year-old Frenchman describes his work at AP Bakery as “creating happiness”, but he had a rough start, as Wendy Hargreaves discovers.
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