2-5 Sep 2024
MCEC Melbourne

Session Information

13-Sep, 12:00 - 12:30

$Billion Investment Trends in Food Industry Startups

Talking Trends
ICC Sydney
Level 4 - Upper Exhibition Halls

Join us for an insightful session that explores the high-stakes world of food industry startups. This session will illuminate the innovative trends that are attracting billion-dollar investments, making a transformative impact on the global food ecosystem.

Craig Rispin, Business Futurist who has been tracking investment trends for years will guide you through the complex landscape of food tech, revealing the startups that are catching the attention of venture capitalists and private equity firms. From plant-based protein startups and cultured meat technology to innovative food delivery services and cutting-edge agritech firms, we'll take a deep dive into where the smart money is heading.

You'll learn about the criteria that investors are looking for in successful food industry startups, including scalability, sustainability, and disruption potential. We'll also analyze successful case studies of recent billion-dollar investments, shedding light on what made these startups stand out in a highly competitive market.

Whether you're an entrepreneur seeking funding, an investor searching for the next big opportunity, or simply interested in the future of food, this session will equip you with the insights to understand this rapidly evolving sector.

Join us to delve into the fascinating realm where finance meets food, and discover the billion-dollar trends shaping the future of the food industry.

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