The Spontaneous Foodie

Jun 1, 2015

With the plethora of food blogs and craft-fully angled food images dominating our social media feeds, it’s hard to ignore the growing foodie epidemic that has taken over the nation. Food has become more than just about satisfying your appetite, it now more than ever takes on the form of an experience, becoming more innovative, experiential and festive. Food is artfully posed, photographed and shared on social media before even the first mouthful is tasted – much to the disdain of some Chefs and the delight of others.

The growth in novelty dining experiences has also been taken to new heights with Melbourne’s ‘Dining in the Sky’, hoisting customers 50 meters into the air for their dining experience. Gastropark famous for mixing science and food, N2’s Ice- cream made from liquid nitrogen and your Cupcake Secret Safaris.

To utilize this food fandom, restraunteurs are concentrating more on food aesthetics. Foods as art, like Kristin Tibball’s chocolate sculpturing talents have which has raised the food aesthetic standards.

It has become a natural standard for cafes to be themed and ambience orientated, reflective of not only food but also delivering a unique cultural experience.

Food spontaneity is also popular, with pop up food trucks introducing a new mobile service for the hungry foodies who continually crave new experiences.

Food fusion is also on the rise with global international influences inherent in modern dishes attributed to the rise in travellers who are inspired by the flavors of different cultures and want to give Australians a rich cultural experience.

So what more can we expect? What are your most exotic food experiences? What more can the food industry offer delightful consumers?

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