Nescafé Goes Organic

Jun 12, 2017

Aussies can now get their morning caffeine hit in organic form, following the launch of Nescafé Gold Organic.

Written by Open House Magazine.

Nescafé Gold Organic is a blend containing Arabica coffee beans, grown and harvested by Fairtrade certified farmer cooperatives in Peru.

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand CEO Molly Harriss Olson said that Nescafé Gold Organic offers an easy way for consumers to make a positive impact in the world.

“Not only can coffee lovers enjoy this quality product, they can also be confident that Fairtrade has been a sustainability partner throughout its production, from working with the coffee farmers to secure fair prices and working conditions, right through to initiatives for environmental protection and community development,” she said.

The new organic coffee reflects Nescafé’s commitment to set the benchmark for reducing the footprint of coffee production. The brand aims to provide Australians with high-quality coffee that is easy to drink at home whilst being socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

The ethically sourced coffee has been classified as certified organic by the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, and has been independently certified by Fairtrade.

Nescafé Head of Marketing, Rebecca Dobbins said “We’re excited to share our new premium coffee that not only tastes delicious, but is also socially conscious. Australians enjoy over 11 billion± cups of coffee a year and Nescafé Gold Organic is part of our ongoing efforts to prioritise sustainability, ensuring coffee lovers of the future can wake up to their favourite brew.”

Open House Magazine

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