Aussie Invention Caffe Assist is Designed to Produce Perfect Milk for Espresso Coffee

Apr 18, 2017

Written by OpenHouse Magazine.

In what might be yet another nail in the coffin for baristas, Caffe Assist is designed to produce perfectly stretched milk, coffee after coffee, with no exceptions.

Launched last month, the patented steam technology brings milk to its “nirvana”- the place where milk reveals its full sweetness – for every cup of coffee.

The brainchild of Bill Purton, medical scientist and founder of Melbourne’s Atomica Café, the inspiration for the design came from the frustration of waiting over 25 minutes for a take-away café latte.

The Caffe Assist machine neighbours an espresso machine, automating the steaming, frothing and foaming process of milk, monitoring the milk profile and temperature during the entire process of heating, steaming and stretching of the milk.

Caffe Assist is designed to froth all milk variants including low fat dairy and alternative milk products such as soy and nut milks. The machine is also self-cleaning – after each cycle the wand retracts inside the machine and passes through a curtain of steam, thoroughly cleaning it in the process.

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