Top dining trends for 2015

Jun 24, 2015

Dining has evolved from a purely ‘sit down, eat, and go’ experience to one that is increasingly prized by consumers and chefs. Here’s what’s set to pick up speed this year on the restaurant front.

  1. Artisanal innovation

    The interest in smoking, pickling, ageing, drying, curing and in-house growing has been on the rise of late, and isn’t set to go anywhere this year. Chefs are increasingly well-informed, and as such, are moving ultimate control from their suppliers to their own kitchens. This greater room for innovation is resulting in restaurants producing more unique, artisanal dishes.

  2. The dining experience

    It’s no question that today, dining is so much more than walking into an eatery to get your stomach filled. Unless it’s fast food; dining today is all about eating well, and being consistently inspired by new ways of working with ingredients and cooking methods. Social media in particular has fuelled how important it is for restaurants to constantly evolve and create new elements to their offerings, as well as share how these new elements have come to be – both with their customers and fellow restaurateurs.

  3. International influences

    Increasingly, chefs from restaurants are heading overseas. This isn’t for a holiday, but rather eating experiences around a particular city or country. This arms them with the necessary ideas to bring back home to translate into their own local menus. It also provides restaurants the foundation to serve up the most authentic rendition of dishes. No one wants a sub-par spaghetti carbonara!

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