Summer Loving (Loving food, that is!)

Oct 28, 2015

The weather in Australia is finally heating up, and with the change in season comes a change in eating habits. From what people eat to where they want to eat it, the warmer weather means new opportunities for the foodservice industry.

Alfresco areas are in high demand, cold drinks are order of the day, and upselling the likes of ice-cream after dinner become increasingly easier. Menu changes to reflect the weather are important, and heavier dishes are often overlooked for fresh salads and lighter options, which also give a nod to the healthier mindset that many customers take in summer.

Hotter days mean less clothing which means more skin on show – many of your clients want to look good, and their eating choices will reflect that. Adding seasonal options that also work in with healthy eating trends, such as acai bowls and poached chicken salads, and sorbets instead of heavy desserts, give customers new options that work in with the weather – and their desire for summer bodies!

Summer in the southern hemisphere also means more travel for many of us – and more tourists to many of our cities. This has a big impact on a lot of us in the food service industry, and offering seasonal Australian produce is not only a great way to experiment in your kitchen or with your offering, but is also a great draw card for getting out of towners to your establishment. This makes it a great time to show off our amazing local produce as well as the amazing weather our country is famous for!

Summer is a great time of year, full of reasons to celebrate and try something different – even at work.

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