Non-Alcoholic Drink Trends

Jul 27, 2017

Fizzy or fruity, sweet or sour, the options for non-alcoholic drinks seem to be endless, with new flavours and brands entering the market regularly. Recent messaging from health organisations, and growing discussion around sugar consumption means consumers are becoming a lot more concerned with what they sip on. Knowing what a consumer is looking for is the first priority when deciding on your menu – so let’s take a peek at some of the popular drinks and trends at the moment:

Different Kind of Fizzy

Throw back to a couple decades ago and the options for fizzy drinks were limited; the industry was essentially a duopoly. However, the past ten years has seen things change drastically with a number of new brands and flavours becoming available. Spurred by consumers’ increasing concern for their sugar intake, a number of companies entered the fray promising healthier alternatives to sugary fizzy drinks. You can catch examples of these drinks at Fine Food Australia with the likes of Bickfords and Liquefy Drinks.


Kombucha has exploded onto the dining and retail scene, with a number of different suppliers, brands and flavours now in the Australian market. Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink that can be flavoured to produce a number of different tastes. What started as only being available in select health store is now available in large supermarkets and on menus in cafes and restaurants around the country. Considered a healthy alternative to sugary fizzy drinks, kombucha’s growing appeal suggests it is likely to stay for a very long time. The trend is represented on the show floor with exhibitors rok Margaret River, Remedy and again Liquefy Drinks showcasing their range of kombucha.

The Rise of Specialty Teas

Having a cuppa has become a lot more exciting in recent years, as specialty teas pick up in popularity. No longer just about the Earl Greys or English Breakfasts, teas with exotic fruits and flavours are taking coustomers’ fancy. Drinking tea is becoming an entire experience of its own too as some venues turn it into a sensory experience. For example, White Rabbit Teahouse uses glass pots to serve chrysanthemum teas, so you can watch the leaves unfurl as your tea is brewed. Creating flavoursome brews is an art in itself too: Fine Food Australia will be hosting the World Tea Brewing Championship to find Australia’s next tea brewing champion – proving it’s a competitive industry! With more people enjoying tea now than ever, increasing your flavour offering and encouraging customers to stay a little longer has never been more lucrative!

Cold Brew

While coffee will always be popular, it’s how coffee is served that’s changing, with cold brew fast becoming a regularly ordered drink. Previously only a connoisseurs choice, cold brew has become an option for the masses available in many different cafes and stores. Even larger distributors have entered the fray, producing ‘cold pressed’ versions of their bottled cold coffees. To get a taste for what cold brew is like, check out exhibitors Chill Out Cold Brew Coffee Company, or Monty – Cold Brew Concentrate by Montville Coffee.

Whether consumers are asking for healthier alternatives to their fizzy fix, or want to drink their morning coffee a little differently, it’s important to have a firm understanding of what’s trending. To gain a better understanding of what consumers are after and get insight into what trends to look out for, head to Fine Food Australia. With a number of drinks exhibitors, expert insight and the chance to try some of the latest options, it will be a valuable opportunity to better your business. The World Tea Brewing Competition will also be returning to Fine Food Australia this September.

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