Get on the bandwagon – just in a different lane!

Nov 18, 2015

Trends are constantly running through the foodservice and hospitality industry. From drinks to desserts and all that’s in between, it’s easy for a new craze to sweep consumers’ attention.

Unfortunately for most businesses, when it comes to trends, we’re more likely to be the victims of the craze than the protagonists. Requests – that sometimes turn into demands – have consumers feel like they’re missing out.

Instead of feeling like you’re behind the eight ball, here are a few tips to help you stay relevant without feeling like you’re bending your backs – and your budgets – to meet the trending demands.

1. Always make sure that before you venture into something, it suits your brand. You might be a great coffee shop, but if you’re all about the basics, then your loyal customers will definitely feel something’s out of balance when you try menu items that make absolutely no sense.

2. Do you already have something in store that’s relevant or close to the trend?Instead of looking outward first – look inward! No doubt, the trend that’s on offer is a fancied up version of something really simple. Do your research and double check – you could have a meal of gold already on the menu!

3. So you don’t have the trend instore – but you do have all the ingredients already? Work with what you’ve got to create something similar, but always remember that it is likely to be compared to what’s on offer elsewhere, so if it doesn’t match up in standard then be careful.

4. Can you work with someone else to help you get something together? So the next big thing involves ice cream, but you haven’t got any. How about you speak with the local ice-cream shop down the road?Working together means you both get the exposure, the experience and more importantly – the value!

These might seem like simple tips, but they’re valid ones, especially when you’re faced with the dilemma of subscribing to, or abstaining from, trends. You don’t have to feel left out, and you don’t have to feel like you’re jumping on everyone else’s bandwagon. You could just be in a different lane!

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