Food Gets Gestive

Nov 10, 2015

Love or hate the festive season, it rolls around every year – seemingly faster and faster if the decorations in the shops are anything to go by– and it’s a key time for many of us in the food service industry. With more people on holiday, the warmer weather, and an influx of tourists in some centres, the demand for hospitality services can skyrocket.

In addition to an increase in demand for services generally, the festive season poses unique challenges around service hours, penalty rates, and food offerings. For establishments choosing to open on key holidays such as Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day, pricing your offering may be a chance to charge a premium, but for many the costs associated with opening on these days can pose significant challenges – or make it not worthwhile at all.

One thing is for certain however, providing a service on such significant holidays demands a special level of service. Should you choose to open, staff should be briefed to embrace the festive spirit –your customers need to feel welcome, happy, and like everyone in the room is having a good time, even those people working!

Menu and food options are also a big consideration at this time. Not only is it summer, which has an impact on the types of food that people want to eat, but there are also certain associations with the festive season that customers often expect to see. From traditional Christmas fare on Christmas Day to excessive champagne consumption on New Year’s Eve, your offering should be tailored to your market and the time of year.

If done right, the festive season can not only add to your bottom line, but also to your customer loyalty and reputation. Happy festive season everyone!

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