Flavour of September: Meals on Wheels

Aug 31, 2016

A new fleet of mobile food businesses, food trucks, have shaped a new vibrant food scene around the world. This evolution of foodservice has seen food entrepreneurs avoiding costs associated with brick and mortar establishments, or simply creating an additional revenue stream, by bringing customers meals on wheels.

From steamed buns in London to mobile pizza in Geneva, the popularity of food trucks is not limited by cuisine or location. Customers are going out of their way to re-visit their favourite pit stop to eat as both a novelty and a convenience.

Closer to home, Australia’s food industry has started a food truck revolution of its own, with a number of restaurants taking to the streets. We have embraced food truck parks, which bring together some of the country’s favourite food trucks all in one stop, creating vibrant and edgy food havens, in a unique space for customers to enjoy.

No matter what part of the world you’re in, food trucks are the top new trend in foodservice, enticing customers to eat in various locations, changing the culinary experience at each meal.

In a sea of mobile businesses, where around the world will you find some of the most sought after food trucks?


Melbourne is widely considered the food capital of the country, with an eclectic choice of food offerings. More recently however, the state has seen a significant growth in gourmet destinations, thanks to food trucks. Leaders in the game include Super Taco that offers Mexican street food and Toasta, which places the spotlight on the humble toastie.

Los Angeles

In LA, gourmet food trucks are an institution, with over 200 mobile vendors reported to be on offer. Much like Melbourne food trucks, you will find an assortment of cuisines from authentic Korean dishes, to a sweet selection of desserts. Roaming Hunger, the online resource for finding food trucks, has detailed lists of every cuisine and truck in all 50 states of America. One of their favourites is the Kogi BBQ Truck; part of the modern culture and fast becoming a travelling landmark, visitors travel to try the Korean-Mexican fusion that mixes classic Korean tastes like kimchi with moreish Mexican favourites like quesadillas. No matter what the flavour, the food truck business in LA is booming, creating a sub-industry of its own.

San Francisco

Food trucks have become integral to the culinary scene in San Francisco, holding a number of festivals dedicated to mobile food businesses. Those in the food truck industry in San Francisco take it very seriously, with one of the leading trucks, Spencer on the Go, serving up high-end French cuisine. Another favourite, Bowl’d Acai, serves up fresh and healthy acai bowls, proving that the concept isn’t just limited to lunch or dinner dining.


As a growing trend in the industry, food trucks, along with other mobile foodservice ideas, will be discussed on stage at this year’s MYOB Talking Food Stage. Ken Burgin, from Profitable Hospitality will be hosting a panel discussion on the topic of food trucks with Karma Rennie from Queen Victoria Markets, Daragh Kan from Mr Burger and Cameron Huntington from the Department of Health and Human Sciences on Monday 12 September at 3pm. Don’t forget to register for Fine Food Australia to attend this session and more.

For more on what’s happening in the foodservice industry, have a read of the Fine Food Australia 2016 Newspaper.

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