9-12 Sep 2019
ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour

Aged Care at Fine Food Australia


Fine Food Australia is proud to present this one-day dedicated education session specifically for the Aged Care sector, focusing on the essentials of International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). From May 1st, 2019 Australia introduced the new international food and drink classification system for anyone with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia), who requires texture modified foods and thickened fluids.

Fine Food Australia will host an IDDSI practical workshop, demonstration and networking session to understand and effectively implement the new international food and drink classification system used across all food service industries supporting aged care, community, and hospital groups. Presented by Bernadette Dutton, the Director and Principal of Loqui Speech Pathology.


Workshop content
  • What is Dysphagia?
  • Understanding the new International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI)
  • Understanding IDDSI industry labeling of textured foods and drinks
  • Practical compliance testing for the new IDDSI standards
  • Live demonstrations of making texture modified foods.
Workshop includes
  • IDDSI resources
Suitable for 
  • People who make or supply texture modified foods and thickened fluids for people with swallowing difficulties
  • Catering managers and chefs making texture modified foods
  • Food service providers, and catering organisations providing textured foods and fluids to the community, aged care homes, and hospitals.
  • Aged care facility and clinical management.
Timetable of the day 
  • In-depth education session on IDDSI
  • Demonstrations in the Fine Food kitchens with a chef
  • Networking function.

Presented by Bernadette Dutton

Bernadette Dutton is the Director and Principal of Loqui Speech Pathology, a national speech pathology service supporting people with swallowing, eating and drinking difficulties, known as dysphagia. With more than 25 years of speech pathology experience, she and her team educate chefs, foodservice and catering teams to modify textured foods and drinks to ensure people with dysphagia can safely enjoy eating and drinking. She is regularly conducting educational workshops and consulting to care, clinical and catering teams from aged care, hospital and community organisations across Australia. She guest lectures at the University of Queensland and is the Lead of the Dining Experience working party of the Lantern Project.

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